Thursday, January 1, 2009

Book Review - Treasury of Daily Prayer

We recently purchased a copy of Concordia's new book, Treasury of Daily Prayer.  This book is mostly composed of the readings from the lectionary, presented in large and clear type in the English Standard Version.  With the daily readings you also find a brief devotional which normally pertains to the historic significance of that day in Church history.  There is a selection from the Psalms, as well as a verse from a hymn found in the Lutheran Service Book.  In the middle of the book are some of the outlines and music for worship services.  Near the back of the book is a copy of all 150 Psalms, pointed for chanting.

I initially didn't want a copy of the book.  In fact, I bought it as a present for Martha.  And while I'm quite happy messing around with the Lutheran Service Book and a Bible, there are some features of the Treasury of Daily Prayer that I really like.  The complete book of Psalms is a big plus.  The readings commenting on the days in the Church calendar  are very nice.

So what's my review?  The book is a keeper, definitely.  If you want a very handy lectionary with helpful supplements, this is the book for you.  But if you like singing hymns in your devotions you will still want a hymnal to supplement it.  The price is not bad for a comprehensive and well made book produced for a relatively limited market.  Yet it's a little high when not on sale.  So keep your eyes out for a sale or for used copies to come available on the resale market.

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