Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's on the Reading List?

So what's on the reading list?

Talk about "summertime reading" - unfortunately I don't have enough rocking chair on the front porch time for all of this.  Here's what I've got waiting for me.

A Reader in Pastoral Theology: Articles from LOGIA, A Journal of Lutheran Theology July, 2001, Concordia Theological Seminary Press - thanks to Jason Braaten, who sent me this book too long ago.

Dying to Live: The Power of Forgiveness by Harold L. Senkbeil, 1994, Concordia Publishing House - this one from Paperback Swap, on the recommendation of Pastor Braaten.

All Theology is Christology: Essays in Honor of David P. Scaer.  2000, Concordia Theological Seminary Press - thanks to Dr. Wenthe, who gave this to me last year when we met briefly.

An Introduction to the Old Testament by Raymond B. Dillard and Tremper Longman III. 1994 Zondervan - this one a present from Dr. Robert Jones (Pastor Bob to me for years).  This is on one of the reading lists for the pre-seminary people at Concordia, so I figured I should find it and read it at long last.

The First Seven Ecumenical Councils: Their History and Theology by Leo Donald Davis. 1983. The Liturgical Press: Collegeville, Minnesota.  This one given to me by the family of a student.  It's also on one of the seminary class reading lists I was able to dig up.  I'm pretty interested in early Church history.

Early Christian Doctrines by J.N.D. Kelley  1960.  Harper Collins.  I've had this for years and look forward to giving it a read.  I wouldn't read it if it were buried on my bookcase.  I'm pretty interested in early Church history.

The Early Church by Henry Chadwick 1990, Penguin.  I found this being given away as a clipped not-for-sale book. I'm pretty interested in early Church history.

A Short History of Christian Doctrine: From the First Century to the Present by Bernhard Lohse  1985. Fortress Press.  We found this at the Concordian bookstore in St. Louis last summer.  It's hefty reading but I'll be ready for it by the time I get through the books higher up on my list.  I'm pretty interested in early Church history.

Looks like I have a few pages to cover.  

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