Monday, December 14, 2009

An Introduction to the Old Testament - Introduction

Dillard, Raymond B. & Longman, Tremper III. "Introduction."  An Introduction to the Old Testament.  Grand Rapids: Zondervan. 1994.  17-36.

Introductions to the Bible or the Old or New Testament are very common, being written fairly constantly since the Reformation, though not before then. This introduction is theologically evangelical and self-consciously conservative.  It purposely discusses the various views of liberalism which are contradictory to the conservative evangelical stand.

In the scope of the book we will see a special introduction book by book, reflecting on theological concepts specific to the book.  Because of the amount of material to be covered in the text it only hits the high points in scholarship.

Major topics of each chapter include the historical background of the book of the Bible, a literary analysis of the book, and a summary of the theological message. Each chapter has a section on the New Testament view of the Old Testament book.

Within the introduction there is a lengthy explanation of the authors' overall philosophy of history.  There is also an introduction to the basic categories typically found within literary analysis.

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