Saturday, December 11, 2010

3rd Sunday in Advent

This Sunday we continue with the multiple sermons which are not written out in detail, so I'll again just post a brief summary. As we walk through the O Antiphons in the morning service we look at the O Oriens text (O Dayspring). We see the blossoming of God's redemption from Isaiah 35.  We wait patiently for the increase, as does the farmer in James 5. And when we are worried nothing will happen, like John the Baptist, we look to Jesus and see that he is doing the kind of things he has promised for the end of time. Assuredly, the day is going to dawn.  In our evening service we see the O Rex gentium (O King of the nations) text. We picture what the world would be like without God's presence. Then we look to the promised coming of our Lord, welcoming him as did the Psalmist in Psalm 24.

There's a forecast for rain changing to snow as the day progresses. Heavier coverage at home than at the church buildings. So we might have a long and slow trip home in the evening. Hopefully it won't be too rough of a trip.

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