Saturday, October 20, 2012


Maybe you remember giving piggyback rides to children. Maybe you do it now. Maybe you remember when you received piggyback rides. I remember years ago when I would take my baby daughter for father-daughter bonding time as we did the laundry in the basement of the apartment complex where we lived. She’d ride in a little front pack, I’d do the laundry, and she’d enjoy being along for the ride. We’d read some books, sing some songs, and get it all washed, dried, and folded. As I did the laundry my daughter learned that I would be there for her. If she had been a little older she would have been learning how to do laundry also. In life, which is another word for “ministry,” we often forget the value of piggybacking. We separate our lives into different compartments and neglect the value of taking someone along with us, doing whatever we needed to do, and growing in wisdom and grace. Pastors try to get others into visitation and spiritual care training. Why don’t we just decide to go along together and do what we are doing? We try to persuade people to participate in Bible studies about making the Christian faith visible in the world. Why don’t we just take people along and make that faith visible? Life’s a piggyback ride. Take the challenge. How many things were you accomplishing at the same time last week? How many things can you accomplish at the same time next week?

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