Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sermon for 1/20/13

Life has been very busy just lately! Here's the sermon for 1/20, The Best Wedding Gift. You'll see below that I just used an outline of sorts.

Many of us like to go to parties. I had the opportunity to go to a wedding recently, a wedding of a young lady, all grown up now, who was one of my students many years ago...
lots of guests
celebration – in the time of Jesus lasting many days
big event
eating some more
What happens when they run out of wine?

Jesus and his disciples present, his mother as well.

John sets up this miracle, what he calls his first “sign” very carefully.

In human terms, nothing can be done.

What does Jesus bring? What does he use?

1 - Stone water jars for ceremonial washing
20-30 gallons each
tremendous amount? Maybe, maybe not
Vessels are for purification, ceremonial washing, cleansing

2 – Jesus uses water – lots of water
In purification ceremonies there were offerings and washing, it went together
Effective because God has commanded it to be effective when received by faith.
Compare to washing of baptism.
Jesus is there as the offering.
There's enough cleansing for all – plenty of water – 120-150 gallons.

3 – Jesus gives the best wine
from water for purification (again, compare baptism)
made into wine instantly – Jesus is able to proclaim it and it is so
perfectly delightful – the best they could ever imagine

Jesus revealed his glory to his people. It resulted in their trusting him. How does he reveal his glory to us?
daily supply
We who see his glory put our faith in him.

Jesus gives himself as the greatest wedding gift. Jesus gives himself as the greatest gift ever. He is the one who purifies. He is the one who makes the water be able to purify. And the water of washing here becomes the wine, which he will later introduce as the blood of his covenant – the offering made to bring cleansing.

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