Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sermon for 4/28/13 Acts 11

Sermon “Even Them” Acts 11:1-18

We look around and we see empty seats in a church building. Not just here, everywhere
Jesus is clear - we are to be about the business of sharing the Gospel with our community.
What happened?
These are hard times, as Jesus told us about in John 16 today. It’s a time of sorrow. It’s a time that seems broken. Our world may be changing, and we wonder sometimes whether to change with it, whether to fight against it, what our response should be.

But what does our Lord say? He has come for all people.
Enter Peter in Acts. You heard his testimony in Acts 11. Why would this even happen?
He was with those Gentiles
I know he was up to something
I don’t trust him
He may not be one of us
EVERYONE KNOWS that’s wrong

Call in Peter. We’ve heard he’s been wasting the Gospel on Gentiles. We’ve heard he’s bringing God’s grace to people who we didn’t think were worthy of the grace of God.

Who are those people we look at and wonder if they are worthy of grace?
wrong side of the tracks
not like us, not good people, different in some way
I know his family...
What distinction was Peter to make? Acts 11:12 “no distinction.”

Who did Jesus die for? Who does Jesus call us to love and serve?

Peter’s conclusion, Acts 11:17, how could he stand in God’s way?

Who does our Lord call to himself? All nations. And those nations start right here. How do we answer the call? How do we reach this broken world? Not with great programs, not with a power point, not with a garage band, not with a contest to see who can be the silliest for Jesus. It starts with an open heart, with an open hand, and with an open mouth. May God grant us repentance that leads to life.

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