Monday, December 15, 2014

Kleinig, 2008. Chapter 5, “Hidden Holiness”

Chapter 5, “Hidden Holiness” pp. 271-287

“Our spiritual life is a hidden journey with the risen Lord Jesus. As we travel with Him, we receive everything from Him. We share in His divine life as the Son of God the Father; we stand in His shoes and identify ourselves with Him. With Him we travel on a holy way in which He makes and keep (sic) us holy” (p. 271). This holy pathway, Kleinig says, is in our life of holiness found “in the Divine Service and our daily devotions” (p. 273). The way we go along this journey is incidental. It is not our journey. The path is “the way by which the triune God comes from heaven to earth to join us in our journey from birth to death and admit us to heaven even as we are here on earth” (p. 276). As we share with Christ in this journey, taking in God’s Word, we are cleansed and become partakers of a holy vocation. We live out the grace of God in our world and serve as his instruments of redemptive love.

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