Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seminary Plan Update

The seminary plans continue.  It looks now as if I'll have a projected start in the 2011-12 school year.  We're now looking most seriously at Concordia - Fort Wayne.  

Before registering for courses at Concordia Seminary I want to work through some prerequisite courses.  So instead of posting on the blog lately I've found myself watching a video course I picked up at iTunesU from the St. Louis campus.  I'll post some summary notes as I move through the courses.  For the moment I haven't been posting as I was distracted and off schedule.  But I'll try to write things up to let readers learn from what I'm studying.

What are the prerequisites?  Before registration I have to pass muster in five areas: Old Testament, New Testament, basic doctrine, Greek and Hebrew.  I'll be viewing some video courses and doing some reading for each of those, though probably hardly any reading for Greek.  I do plan to watch the videos, mostly out of professional interest.

In the meantime we need to locate and purchase a house in Fort Wayne where we can live simply and inexpensively.  Some of those simple and inexpensive living musings will show up in a series of posts I plan to write using a header of the Urban Agrarian.  I hope those posts will be helpful and sometimes humorous.

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