Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Urban Agrarian - Coming Posts

Disclaimer: I have a bad record of posting and maintaining a blog.  Sporadic, hastily written, and only partially considered posts will remain par for the course.

If I'm going to make some posts that seem to fit a series I should define the series.  What's an urban agrarian?  Let's consider that by dealing with the two words in turn.  When I speak of "urban" I really don't mean "living in a concrete jungle."  Most people in towns and cities don't live that way.  But likewise, most people in our society don't live in places with miles and miles of wide open spaces around them.  I've been thinking about the way someone who lives in a town or city but with at least some yard space can be an agrarian.  Obviously, the more ground you have and the less regulations you face about your use of that ground, the more you can do with it.  How about the term "agrarian?"  Unlike some people who want to be sure they grow everything that they eat, drink, bathe with, or wear, I would define an agrarian as anyone who wants to grow something that is useful.  This can apply to the person who decides to make a 4x4x2 foot patio garden on the balcony of the apartment building so as to grow herbs and a few tomato plants.  It can apply to the person who decides to turn the back yard into a vegetable garden sufficient to feed the whole family.  It can apply to the person who is bold enough to find out it's legal to keep a few exotic chickens and goats as pets that actually provide milk, eggs and meat.  You name it.  Want to grow something useful?  You're an agrarian.

Is the name "urban agrarian" taken?  Probably so.  But I also thought it up in my little, little head, so I'm going to use it.  If anyone notices and complains then more people will read my blog and that other person's blog.  Hopefully, though, the above points will illustrate sufficiently that I am not expert.  I just happen to be someone who thinks it would be a good bit of stewardship to put some plants to use for my family.

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