Saturday, November 27, 2010

Advent Services

I've been in the habit of posting the text of my Sunday sermons so all two of my readers can look over them. During Advent I'm not going to write out my sermons as thoroughly, so I won't have a text to post. You'll just have to go to Maysville or Augusta Kentucky and hear them for real!

Tomorrow, as we begin Advent, we'll have morning services with a sermon centered around the first of the O Antiphons. We'll use Proverbs 8 as a text, observing that the Lord himself is "wisdom" as presented in that chapter.  In the evening we'll move on to the next, calling on the "mighty God" presented throughout the Scripture, but especially throughout Isaiah 2.

Sundays will be very long days until Christmas, as we will still be leaving the house a bit before 7 in the morning but won't head home until after an evening service that doesn't begin until 6:00. Hopefully we can get some quiet and rest during the day sometime.

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