Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sermon Audio

So with the expert tech assistance of my dear wife I found today that my little .mp3 player is able to record a .wav file and can pick up the entirety of a sermon I preach. She tried it out today. Acuity is quite poor as she was clear across the room. But now I know I could make a recording of a sermon and could convert it into .mp3 format easily. I know there are places to post such things. And it would be pretty easy to put the recording device close enough that it will pick up moderately well. Remember, I currently preach in two small churches, no amplification, no need for it. We have no need to be high-tech.

So what do my readers think? Should I make that step and pull myself into the 21st century, albeit the early 21st century?

Dave Spotts
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