Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reformation Day

What Is Reformation Day? In the year 1517 Augustinian monk and professor Martin Luther expressed concerns about practices he perceived as pulling the Church away from its apostolic foundations. As October progressed he chose to post a list of topics for debate. November 1, All Saints’ Day, was a public holiday and would be the appropriate day for a debate. In preparation for debates, Dr. Luther posted 95 Theses for discussion, phrased in Latin so they would be read and considered by scholars, on the door of t Wittenberg castle church. The theses, posted on October 31, All Hallow’s Eve, were quickly translated into German and distributed widely. The debates became a worldwide discussion which divided the Church. Within fifteen to twenty years the followers of Luther’s reform movement, called “evangelicals” or “good-news” people, found themselves separated from the church at Rome. Today, these people, called “Lutherans,” are spread through the world. Reformation Day, October 31, is the day we celebrate this move to return to a biblical faith. We commit ourselves to training ourselves, our children, and all the coming generations in the pure Christian faith. In recent generations Reformation Sunday has been celebrated the Sunday before Reformation Day. Join with us as we commit ourselves to learning and growing in Christ. May the Lord bless us as we grow together in Christ.

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