Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time to re-focus

During this year so far I've spent a good deal of time, and I think it has been good and valuable time, trying to get posts about Bible readings up five times a week, typically covering about five chapters in each post. I've been finding that I am not able to keep up with some other responsibilities as I would like. I also noticed that the posts on the Bible readings didn't seem to be as widely read as other types of posts about other books I've been reading or about Christian theology and philosophy in general.

After a good deal of soul-searching it's time to set aside the posts on the Bible reading challenge. I'll keep putting suggested readings up on a weekly basis, along with a snippet from Luther's Small Catechism. I think those are important. But I'll concentrate my writing time on other issues, ones which may be less common to find in the blogosphere.

Who knows, maybe my family will see more of me too? You never know!

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