Friday, February 22, 2013

Sermon for 2/20/13 - no audio

No audio with this one - I left my recorder behind and couldn't work it out. But here's an outline.

What Were You Looking For? Luke 2:15-40

Jesus is recognized as Lord and Savior wherever he is seen. But what is it we are looking for? Will we see Jesus?
Mary & Joseph (Jesus means “God is our Savior”)

What do we bring to Jesus when we recognize him as savior? Look again to the temple.
Jesus’ life is put in the hands of these people who have been waiting for him.
He is given to them.
Even as they recognize that he will be the one to die for their sin they receive his life.
As we grow in grace and recognize Jesus for who he is we also receive life.
May the Lord make us wait eagerly for our Savior to show himself.
May we recognize him as he does show himself
lamb of God
the one who is true God and true Man
the one who suffers in our place
the one who is raised from the dead
the one who will raise us as well

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