Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sermon for 2/24/13

Sermon from Matthew 11:25-30 “Committed to Jesus”

Sometimes we like to urge one another to commitment. It can be a very good thing. I remember many times, especially in the first few years after I was converted to Christ, when being urged to commit myself to Jesus day by day was very important and helpful. And I urge you, everyone who hears me today, to dedicate yourself, body and soul, all you have, all you are, to Jesus, day by day living for him.

But in today’s Gospel there’s another facet of being committed to Jesus. See again Matthew 11:27.

What is committed to Jesus? Everything.

Who gave it to Jesus? God the Father.

What does that have to do with us?
 We also have been committed to Jesus by the Father.
 What is Jesus going to do with us?
   He gives us rest
   He shows us the Father (compare John 14:8 Philip)
   He lifts our burdens
   He trains us in his special yoke
        prayer - consider many ways the Lord prays
        training in Scripture - 2 Tim. 3.16-17
        showing mercy - God’s promise is to the thousandth generation
        helping others see the Father - Great commission - think of all nations and the Trinitarian work
        learning to love our neighbor as ourselves - life in community
   He carries the brunt of our burdens so we can stand up under them

Thanks be to God we are committed to Jesus. We needed the Father to commit us to the Son.

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