Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sermon for 3/10/13

Sermon from Luke 15 The Prodigal Father

Sometimes the words we say have results that come back to haunt us

Prodigal son - what did he really tell his father? “Drop dead.”

When left to ourselves we (mis)manage everything pretty well.
 social media and stress levels
 frustration and anxiety in a 24/7 world
 conflicts we think will just go away

Eventually we come up with a plan, hopefully a good one, something that will make all our troubles go away
 get rich quick schemes
 all manner of hurtful ideas

Sometimes we hit on a decent plan. The prodigal son thinks he has. And it isn’t bad.
 confess sin against God and father
 take me back as a servant
 give me shelter and food

Who is watching? Why isn’t Dad doing his work on his estate?
Who comes running, making a public spectacle of himself?
Son gets through only the confession. He is too ashamed even to ask for anything.
Dad treats him not only as a son but as the firstborn son
 fattened calf - which wouldn’t normally even be around the farm

Are we like the prodigal son?
Are we like the older brother? All the blessings of the Father are there for both of them.

What are the blessings of God?
 signet ring - act according to God’s will in His Name, bear his authority
 robe - of righteousness
 shoes - all this brings me to Ephesians 6 - gospel of peace - 2 Cor. 5 reconciliation
 a royal banquet - the presence of God in forgiveness - especially compare communion
     Jesus the master, our Lord, the Savior, the Passover lamb, giving himself for our forgiveness

While we ought to be banging on the door of God to beg for reconciliation we are often more like that older brother. We see our little brother confessing sins. We want to be proud. We certainly wouldn’t ask for mercy. But it’s exactly what we need. And it’s exactly what our Lord delivers to us, freely, without our even getting to the point of asking.

Lord, I have sinned against heaven.

Jesus comes to us in mercy.

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