Monday, March 18, 2013

Sermon for 3/17/13

Sermon from Romans 10:11-17 “From One Generation to the Next”

“Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.” (Romans 10:11)

That means everyone. The Gospel is clear. In Romans 10 verses 11-13 there is plenty of salvation for all. Nobody is outside of the reach of God’s love in Christ.
 no distinction
 Jew, Greek
 everyone who calls

But what of those who have not heard the word of the Lord? We can’t afford to be so naive that we think all have heard. We can’t even suggest that in this country, in this state, in this city, in our families.

Where does the message of the Gospel come from?
 Our Lord calls us by the  words we have heard today to be His messengers.
 He sends us, one and all
    some to our families, friends and neighbors
    some to people we work with or work for
    some to more formal settings in work which is specifically tied to biblical proclamation
        Christian schools
         higher education
         specific church and ministry work
 Those who are sent need the help of those who do the sending
     comforting communication
     sometimes a comforting presence

When we are sent, what do we do? The word Paul uses here is the specific word for preaching sermons. It’s used in the New Testament for the specific proclamation of the life-changing Gospel of Christ. This is not just chit-chat about the Bible. It isn’t arguing, disputing, debating. There’s a place for all that. But it isn’t what Paul is talking about here. It is proclaiming God’s words of forgiveness, life, and salvation. This proclamation, “Your sins are forgiven, go in peace” is the message we need from our Lord.


 Remind again- Jesus has died for you. Jesus forgives you all your sin. Jesus gave his body to be broken on your behalf. Jesus gave his blood to be shed for you. He alone can give you perfect life and salvation. He alone rescues you from the power of death, hell and the grave...

The proclamation of the Gospel creates belief. That’s exactly what we need. There’s the key to God’s promise. Everyone who calls on his name will not be ashamed. All who call on him will be saved.

Saved? Delivered safely to our destination, completely unharmed, completely secure in Christ.

Through our local church missions projects we encourage such sending, proclamation of the truth, and enabling people around the world to hear, believe, and live. Just as Jesus calls us to himself right here, he calls people around the world to faith in him every day. As we put some money in the can and support our friends who provide a distinctly Christian education in Buckley, or our friends at the seminary in Kenya, or our friends at the seminary in Fort Wayne, or our church mission team, we are helping people respond to that call. We are making a difference in the lives of other people around the world and in future generations, allowing them to hear the great message which we hear so often.

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