Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sermon for 9/15/13 Luke 15 Joy in Heaven

Pharisees grumbling about Jesus
Eating with tax collectors and sinners
Who do we eat with?
What kind of people do we allow into our home?
What kind of home are we comfortable visiting?
 providing music for social events at homes of very wealthy - feel out of place
 not sure what to do when welcomed by someone from a different social class
 What about entering the home of someone troubled?
     psychological difficulties with negative results
Where’s our comfort zone? More important, where does it end?
example of Nigerian Christians from VOM video
people in Mexican slums playing musical instruments made from trash
What do we think of the very poor or the very rich who are trusting in Jesus?
Yet as we explore this, we’re putting ourselves again in the place of the Pharisees.
Which one of us deserves to be welcomed to the riches of heaven?
Which one of us deserves to be accepted by the Lord of all?
What kind of a home do we have to welcome Jesus?
 filthy heart
 filthy mind
 dead and rotting carcasses, dead in sin
We’re just the kind of people we would avoid being with.

Shift focus from our perspective as Pharisees
Our Lord’s attitude
Jesus humbled himself
 entered our world
 entered our family
 entered our life
 entered our home
No room for pride, only room for gratitude
How could he judge us? Sternly - we should be destroyed by his holiness
How does he visit us?
 food to eternal life
 drink that will make us never thirst again
 perfect love which casts out all fear
The greatest joy we could have, the greatest joy we could imagine, all pales before the Lord Jesus who gives us repentance and forgiveness, creating joy in heaven. Would we like all heaven to rejoice? Repent before the Lord. He is the one who comes to find us when we are lost. He is the one who comes to rescue us. He is the one who is willing to change us from inside out. Jesus is the one who visits us.

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