Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sermon for 9/22/13 1 Timothy 2

Sermon: Prayers for All People

From the first eight verses of 1 Timothy 2

Right after President Obama was elected there was a flurry of reporting about how historically “black” churches were praying for their leaders. We heard audio clips and saw video clips of pastors praying for their commander-in-chief. How did we react to this? How did our world expect us to react to this?

1) only supporters of the leaders would pray for their leaders
2) nobody would think to pray for people they disagree with
3) prayer is a human grace

What does the Scripture say about this?

1) We pray for all people - supplication, prayer, intercession, thanksgiving
   not based on those people’s merits
   not based on whether we agree or disagree
  prayers for their good, for god’s blessing upon our friends and enemies
2) We pray for leaders, even though our leaders, like Paul’s, may not be people we would choose to support.
  Visit with a senator on a national day of prayer - cornered him in the hallway and prayed for him
   pray for God’s blessings
   pray for God’s mercy
   pray the Lord would use these people in positions of power as a blessing to the world
3) Prayer is not a human grace. Nobody earns our prayers, just as we don’t earn the Lord’s favor.
  We pray for all people.
  We pray for people because they need the mercy of God in Christ.
  We pray that the Lord would bless our world to live in his peace, his rest, godly and dignified.
      peace from forgiveness in Christ
      rest from our sin and strife
      freedom to love God and serve our neighbor
    ability to live an upright life, not in crime or dissolution

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