Monday, May 12, 2014

Sermon for 5/12/14 Authentic Devotion - Acts 2

What is our devotion, affection, care? Where are our priorities?
 sometimes bad things
 often good things
What is the commitment, the devotion we see in the earliest Christians, those who were accused of turning the world upside down by their teaching?

1)  apostles’ doctrine - the Bible laid out, preached and taught systematically, both in church gatherings and in home and family
2)  fellowship - assembling with other believers
   Our fellowship is in Christ, not in our other interests.
   Church is all about the forgiveness we have in Christ. That is how we find life.
3)  breaking of bread - communion
    earliest Church - every first day of the week
    some parts of Medieval Christianity - every day available
    colonial America - shortage of pastors made communion rare
    If Jesus is giving out his forgiveness and grace to us by presenting himself to each of us individually, why would we not want to receive what he gives?
4)  prayers - taken over from the Jewish synagogue practices - morning, noon, end of day, praying a Psalm, reading a bit in the Bible and praying by agreeing with God about his priorities for our life and world

What was the result of the early Christians keeping their priorities in order? The Lord added to their number daily those who were believing. Do we want God to bring revival to our community? Devote ourselves to the Lord’s word and His work. He will work in our community by Word and Sacrament, by our faithful witness, and by drawing people to himself by the Holy Spirit. As we are devoted to Christ, he changes us and uses us to change the world.

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