Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You thought I disappeared!

You probably all thought I disappeared! I have not been able to post much recently. The posts I had written and scheduled ran out, and I have not always managed to catch my sermons on a recording to post. It's been a wild and woolly time. An explanation is in order, though it is more personal than what I normally put on my blog.

The upheaval began when my father, who lived some 350 miles away, was diagnosed with a terminal condition. We found that my mother was having more severe difficulties related to aging than we had thought as well. Between my wife, my brother, his wife, and myself, we have spent a good deal of time shuttling around the country. My brother and I were both able to be present when my father died about three weeks ago. We found that our mother was not caring for herself well. She requested to become a resident in an assisted living apartment. Meanwhile, my daughter, who has often been my right-hand man, has been ill much of the time for a number of months. The long and short of all these factors is that my family will be leaving the small city where we have lived and I have ministered for three years in order to move closer to where my mother is now living. We are busy wrapping up details from the school where we teach, in the church where I minister, and in the community, as well as putting things in boxes.

I plan to leave this blog on a sabbatical until probably the second week of June. There are quite a few things I have drafted but don't think I will be able to post. First things first.

So what's the long voyage looking like? We are looking forward to being able to care for our neighbors, especially our closest neighbors, those in our family. I hope to have opportunities to engage in ministry planting in the city to which we are moving. There are always neighbors to love and serve in the name of Jesus.

See you in June!

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