Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pieper, 1968. Chapter D4 "The Order Observed in Creation"

Chapter D4 “The Order Observed in Creation”

In another very brief chapter Pieper details the idea of God moving from inorganic to organic creation and from simple to complex. All of creation receives its being through God’s action. There is no evidence in Scripture or science of development of organic from inorganic or of more complex from less complex.

Chapter D5 “The Work of the Six Days”

Pieper walks through the high points of the days of creation. He takes a common-sense approach based on a trust in the text. While not making a strong dogmatic argument, among other things he observes that God is the creator of all, that Adam was the first human, of a different nature than the animals, and that the Bible’s account of scientific phenomena is accurate and tends to reflect the view of reality a human perspective would grasp. He then moves on to discuss the views of a twofold (body and soul) or threefold (body, soul, spirit) nature of humans, generally advocating the twofold concept. After a few observations about common questions he says in conclusion that God has created all things for his glory.

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