Friday, July 25, 2014

Pieper, 1968. Part D - The Creation of the World and of Man

Part D - The Creation of the World and of Man

Chapter D1, “The Record of Creation”

Our authentic account of creation appears in the Bible, which presents itself as an authority and which can be trusted in other areas where we have more witnesses. This is a very brief chapter.

Chapter D2, “The Definition of Creation”

The Bible’s view of creation, as opposed to other traditions, is that the pre-existing God created everything out of nothing. All things other than God are created. God did not need pre-existing material, but was able to create all his materials. Again, a very brief chapter.

Chapter D3, “The Hexaemeron”

This term refers to a six day period in which God accomplished creation. Some theologians shorten the time to show God’s ability. Some make the time longer to agree with scientific speculation. The Bible’s clear testimony is that these were the same kind of days we know of now. There is no need to alter the record so as to defend God.

The segment on creation continues, but we will pick it up again later.

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