Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bonhoffer, 1937. Chapter 21, "The Harvest"

Part 3 - The Messengers Matthew 9:35-10:42
Chapter 21, “The Harvest”

Bonhoeffer now shifts his attention to God’s messengers. In Matthew 9:35-38 Jesus has been teaching and healing. The people are like wandering sheep. He asks his disciples to pray that the Lord would send workers. The leaders of Israel and the leaders from Rome have not cared for God’s people. They are unprotected. Jesus, seeing this, is moved to rescue his people. He sees a ripe harvest, not a barren field. What do we see? Bonhoeffer suggests that we will not see the same thing unless we have Jesus’ eyes and heart. He also (Loc. 2803) says Jesus cannot do the work himself. Neither can the disciples. Their course of action is to pray that God will send laborers. They do not send themselves.

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