Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bonhoffer, 1937. Chapter 24, “The Suffering of the Messengers”

Chapter 24, “The Suffering of the Messengers”

Matthew 10:16-25 shows Jesus teaching his disciples about the end times, when they will be attacked for their faith, will answer for Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit, and likely be put to death. Their mission is to continue speaking God’s Word. Bonhoeffer reminds us that the Christian knows the master’s orders and that God’s Word is reliable. No matter the consequences, the disciples could take courage from Jesus’ call. We have a mission. Though we may be tempted to move from the mission Jesus has given us, we must be faithful to it, trusting Jesus’ promises. We are cautious of people but we know in the end, even if they kill us, it will not harm us eternally. Yet we may flee from one place to another, still proclaiming Jesus’ Word until he comes. His coming is our assurance in suffering.

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