Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Academic Journey - so many books, so little time

Looking back over this blog I see that I've almost exclusively posted of late using summaries of chapters in the Old Testament book I've been reading.  I have wrapped up that book and hope to wrap up the summaries in the near future.  I'm moving on to listen to a recorded version of the Old Testament.  I'm enjoying getting someone else's pacing.  It also means I can listen on my .mp3 player and go for a walk, something I wouldn't particularly recommend doing while reading any book.

Where am I headed after this Old Testament survey?  I realize that there's no such thing as an over-educated laity.  I also realize that there's a lot of self-education I can do.  After all, I didn't get my degree as a classical philologist for nothing.  

Once I finish this survey, then, I hope to turn more of my attention to a course from The Teaching Company.  I'll plan to post summaries of the lectures and do some of the readings as well.  This course, taught by Phillip Cary of Eastern University, is called The History of Christian Theology.  Dr. Cary is an excellent speaker and scholar.  I first experienced him while listening to Issues, Etc. on Pirate Christian Radio.  In the thirty-six lectures of this course, Cary takes us from the New Testament through Vatican II and a bit beyond, exploring important themes of theology.  There's an excellent reading list, but, as I say in the header, there are so many books, so little time.

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