Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Introduction to the Old Testament - Nahum

Dillard, Raymond B. & Longman, Tremper III. "Nahum."  An Introduction to the Old Testament.  Grand Rapids: Zondervan. 1994. 403-403-408.

Nahum gives us a very harsh, forceful message against Assyria dating to the seventh century B.C.  We know virtually nothing about the author.  He comes ffrom a town called Elkosh, which we cannot locate geographically.

By 664 B.C. Assyria had risen to preeminence in the Near East.  However, by 652 Babylon was rising up and beginning to assert its authority.  By 612 Babylon was sufficiently powerful to sack Nineveh, the former Assyrian capital.  Nahum proclaims that though Nineveh has been powerful it will fall as the Lord protects his people and routs his foes.  

As we approach the New Testament we see the picture of God as the warrior who brings deliverance for his people and destruction for his enemies.  Christ the King stands up against every foe and finally destroys death itself.

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