Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spam hits the blog!

Okay, maybe we've arrived now.  I received, for the first time ever, a note to moderate which was clearly an advertisement.

I normally post all comments received since I think the blogosphere should be a place of discussion.  So here's the comment that I received and my on-blog response to it.

"Hi, there! Found your blog today and appreciated your summary of the book of Jonah. Thought you might be interested in a brand new pre-publication offer from Logos Bible Software on the book of Jonah! 

Sarah Wilson "

I've heard good things about Logos Bible Software.  I've looked into some of their packages and while they appear useful I have not wanted to shell out the money for something that would have to reside on my local computer and of which I would probably use very few of the features.  Yet many people do use their systems and I know they have a positive reputation.

Now comes the irony.  It would seem to me that a company interested in marketing materials to make the Scripture more accessible to people would want to hold to some clear biblical values, such as truthfulness.  Considering that the post on Jonah was posted quite some time ago and there were posts on all the other books of the Old Testament, one wonders how that post would be picked out.  In fact, it would seem that the message has all the marks of being an automatically generated spam post that would post to anything saying anything about Jonah.  This simply rubs me as deceit.  

I thought about contacting the Logos Bible Software customer service with this but their email contact is only for technical support issues.  Alas, it appears I have received an advert rather than a comment.

Dave Spotts
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