Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bible Reading Challenge Week 24 Day 3

Our reading challenge for the day is 2 Chronicles 31-36. I’ll hit a few highlights. You make comments too and fill in the gaps. What strikes you as specially significant?

2 Chronicles 31 - Hezekiah’s reforms make the priests and other temple works have enough for themselves and to share with the needy.

2 Chronicles 32 - Sennacherib and the Assyrians come to attack Hezekiah in Jerusalem. Sennacherib’s big offense was claiming that the true God was very like the gods of the other nations. So the LORD rescued his people Despite all this hezekiah finally was not thankful to God late in his life. How quick we can be to trust in ourselves.

2 Chronicles 33 - manasseh the sone of Hezekiah was an evil king, building altars to the false gods. He has one of the more remarkable conversions, as in his later years he was a good and faithful king. His osn Amon did not repent, though. He was king for only three years.

2 Chronicles 34 - Josiah grew into a good and faithful king. Because of his lack of examples it took him a long time to find out all about being a godly ruler. May we have grace to train the next generation from an early age.

2 Chronicles 35 - The capstone of Josiah is the keeping of the Passover. Though his reign is cut short in battle still he had consecrated the people of God through his faithful service.

2 Chronicles 36 - After Josiah life in Judah turned down sharply. God brought destruction and deportation to his people, calling them to repent and believe again.

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