Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bible Reading Challenge Week 25 Day 3

Our reading challenge for the day is Nehemiah 5-9. I’ll hit a few highlights. You make comments too and fill in the gaps. What strikes you as specially significant?

Nehemiah 5 - Sometimes we want to keep the sacred and secular too far separated, sometimes not far enough. Nehemiah the governor dealt with problems of state in a godly way, by considering God’s character and legislating in light of divine priorities.

Nehemiah 6 - Sometimes when the Lord gives us a task to do our opponents try to scare us. Our fear may make us lay down God’s priorities so as to run and hide. May we rather hide in the shadow of our Lord’s mighty hand.

Nehemiah 7 - Catalogs of priests and offerings are important. Knowing who may lead the people as they receive forgiveness from God is critical in the State of Judah.

Nehemiah 8 - God’s Word brings both weeping and rejoicing - mourning for our sin and rejoicing in God’s deliverance. This day is a day of rejoicing, though, since the people have seen God’s mercy.

Nehemiah 9 - The confession of sin is remarkably specific. I wonder if our hesitancy to linger over God’s Word is because we are afraid of what he will convict us of?

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