Monday, June 3, 2013

Reconciliation against Resignation

In chapter five, “Reconciliation Against Resignation,” Neuhaus draws a sharp distinction between the two concepts of reconciliation and resignation. He observes that in Christ God has reconciled the world to himself. God has never been reconciled to the world, nor has he resigned himself to its sinful state. Christian ministry, by its nature, is a divine instrument of change. On the contrary, much secular counseling, which took its original concepts from the Church then stripped them of their role of reconciling people to God, teaches people to resign themselves to the way our world is. A secular counselor will help clients accept themselves, endure their struggles, and wait for change. Sadly, some Christian counselors have now adopted the goals of secular counselors, rather than holding to their biblical roots. A biblical minister is an agent of change, bringing the Word of God to the lives of people who need to be reconciled to God.

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