Monday, June 3, 2013

Sermon for 6/2/13 Luke 7:1-10

They say there are no atheists in foxholes.
Maybe more appropriate to this time of year, as long as there are final exams there will always be prayer in school.
What kind of bargains do we try to make with God?
 I’ll live a life for you if You get me through this time of trouble.
 You provide me with a job and I will always be faithful to my church.
 I’m going to pray at the start of each work day and You will promote me and get me a raise.
 I’ll give to the church building campaign, You provide me with the money to do that.
How often our attempts at a bargain are centered upon ourselves!
 what we will do
 what we promise
 what we sacrifice
 what our desires are
 how we are going to be rescued, glorified, and privileged
By the way, we do it as a church too, not just as individuals. Lord, bring in ____ so WE can ____.
This is the exaltation of the Christian, not exalting the Christ.
It seeks salvation by the Law, not by grace.
It’s that false gospel the Galatians were believing.
The splendid glories that we build, like the glorious temple that Solomon built, all come to dust.
Is it from a desire to please God? Sometimes, yes. Always mixed with a desire for our own glory.
(Use the perfect motive illustration)
Enter the centurion
 people think he is worthy
 he thinks he is unworthy
 touched with a dying servant, very tragic
Jesus’ reaction? I’ll come and heal her.
Remember a faithful Jew can’t come into the Gentile centurion’s house without defiling himself.
Jesus is willing to be polluted so as to save this man from a foreign background, a man he’s never met.
Centurion’s reaction? Just say the word.
Jesus says the word. Not because of the centurion’s faith. Because of his ability.

What is our reaction? What do we desire in times of trouble? What sign do we want? Jesus has given us his very word. He has made promises, and he has never failed in his promises.

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