Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pieper, 1968. Chapter A15, "Theology and Science"

Chapter A15, “Theology and Science”

Pieper observes that we must define the word “science” if we are going to describe the relationship between theology and science. If science is natural knowledge viewed systematically, theology is not a science. It is not observed in nature but in Scripture. If science means that which is higher knowledge than faith, theology is not a science. The theologian may be better read and more equipped to explain Christianity than the average believer, but this is not superior to faith. If science indicates certain knowledge as opposed to speculation, theology is a science. It deals with the certainties revealed in Scripture.

How do we develop this faith and certainty? Pieper is clear that it does not come from our ability to understand God’s Word, but from the Holy Spirit who works faith in us. Theology deals in certainties which we receive by faith. Theology proclaims that certainty. What is the role of apologetics? It may function to convince people of the weakness of their man-centered philosophies. But overall it is the proclamation of truth that wins the day.

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