Monday, February 10, 2014

Tillich, 1948. Chapter 17, "He Who Is the Christ"

Chapter 17, “He Who Is the Christ” pp. 141-148

Mark 8:27-33

Peter’s declaration that Jesus is the Christ stands as the central declaration of Christianity. It took tremendous courage. Through all times, even now, people wait for a coming one, the anointed one, the Christ, who will bring in the new world of justice and peace. We don’t see it realized . Yet Peter declares Jesus to be the Christ. This confession of Peter is invited by Jesus, and is invited from each of us. Jesus asks Peter who Peter says he is. Also see that “Christ” is the title, not a name. This is the title of the one who is to come and change the world, an idea we should also realize as we consider Jesus.

What is the course we follow to receive Jesus? Because he is not part of the world we push him away to suffer and die. Yet in divine wisdom he receives this suffering, taking our suffering and removing it. Jesus, the Christ, comes to  transform us and our world. He is not the forerunner of another world. He has completed the work of change. He is “the Christ.”

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