Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sermon for 2/2/14 Your Steadfast Love Luke 2

We have thought on your steadfast love . . .
 God is great
 God is holy
 our fortress
 our sustainer
 the one we trust against all odds
 the one we cannot do without
 the only hope for any good
Or have we thought about that?
 What’s this day known as? Superbowl Sunday. Why? What’s our priority? Who is truly great?
 What about God’s holiness? He tells us to be holy as he is holy. But we don’t really care, as long as we are better than someone else, you know who you are thinking about, I know who I think about.
 God is our fortress. But we flee to ourselves, to our wealth, to our wits, our relatives, our friends.
 God is our sustainer, so we try to do it ourselves. (parable of steward?)
 God is the one we  trust, so we turn to ourselves.
 We can’t do without God, so we neglect gathering around His Word and Sacrament.
 God is the only hope for any good in our world. Do we tell our world about the Lord? Do our lives show that we are living for him?
We have thought on your steadfast love, O Lord.
 Grant us repentance
 Make us, like Simeon, wait for you in your temple.
 Make us ready for your presence.
 Make us eager to see you.
We don’t know much about this man Simeon. This is the only place in the New Testament where he’s mentioned. Is he young? Old? With a name like that we assume he is not a convert to Judaism. We often picture him as old, but there’s no indicator of that. He’s faithful. He’s righteous. He’s waiting for consolation. He knows he’s in trouble without the Lord, just like I tried to point out to all of us today. And the Lord has promised him, somehow, that he will be present for Simeon.

Simeon’s response? We have thought on your steadfast love, O Lord.
My eyes have seen the savior.
My arms have held him.
I am no longer the same, because my God has come to me.
I know the one I have trusted.
He has redeemed Israel.
He has rescued the whole world.

How is Simeon going to respond?
How are we going to respond?
 great, holy, fortress, sustainer, only hope
 Receive the true body and blood of our Savior given and shed for you.
 Turn your hopes to Jesus.
 Tell the world about Jesus, the savior of the world.
 Pray for opportunities to talk with others about Jesus.
 Study the Word, together and individually.
 Look forward eagerly to every opportunity to receive God’s grace in the Divine Service.
 Welcome all who the Lord will bring our way.

We have thought on your steadfast love, O Lord.

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