Friday, June 20, 2014

Bonhoffer, 1937. Chapter 10, "Woman"

Chapter 10, “Woman”

In chapter 10, Bonhoeffer continues his discussion of the Sermon on the Mount with Matthew 5:27-32. He continues to emphasize the exclusive nature of Jesus’ claims. When we follow Jesus we must renounce ourselves, including men’s desires for women. Lusting after a woman is an act of unbelief.

What of Jesus’ command to remove an eye or hand that causes us to sin? Because Jesus gave no further explanation to his disciples, Bonhoeffer also gives no explanation.

The topic of marriage, divorce, and remarriage also arises in this passage. Bonhoeffer observes that Jesus takes a high view of marriage, discouraging divorce and prohibiting remarriage in cases of adultery. Bonhoeffer compares Matthew 19:8 and Jesus’ statement that divorce is permitted because of hardness of hearts. Jesus upholds the chastity of his people, whether married or unmarried.

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