Monday, June 2, 2014

Kilcrease, 2013, Chapter 12, “The Mystery of the Work of Christ, Part 3”

Chapter 12, “The Mystery of the Work of Christ, Part 3”

Because Jesus is the king of all, Kilcrease says, he is able to lay down his authority and serve as a priest, the servant of all, who enables people to receive forgiveness and approach God. The Messianic promises of the Old Testament could well indicate both a king and priest. Jesus serves as both.

As priest, Jesus is the one who brings sacrifice, giving his very life to bring praise to God, atonement for our sins, and to confirm the gospel, welcoming all who believe into fellowship and worship. Kilcrease describes these three functions in detail, first Jesus bringing praise, then Jesus as the atoning sacrifice, finally Jesus as the one who enables his people to worship God.

Kilcrease especially deals with objections to Jesus’ substitutionary atonement. many of the objections are dealt with in considerable detail. He also gives a good amount of detail as he discusses Jesus as the one who gives us covenantal access to God in worship. The arguments are detailed and likely worthy of further study.

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