Monday, June 9, 2014

Pieper, 1968. Chapter B13, “The Original Text of Holy Scriptures and Translations”

Chapter B13, “The Original Text of  Holy Scriptures and Translations”

Having dealt with inspiration and infallibility Pieper turns his attention to translations of the Bible. Because the Scripture is straightforward and readily understandable, in translation the meaning also emerges. The Church has always prepared translations so believers can read God’s Word in their own language. Although it is quite possible to trust in Jesus without being aware of such a thing as a Bible, the Christian wants to learn more of God’s Word. Pieper suggests that one has to attempt distortion in order to translate major doctrines wrong. God’s Word is plain to understand. We can also have confidence that the Lord speaks through translations in an authoritative way. He compares several different translations and their treatment of doctrines to demonstrate that God speaks clearly in the Bible, whether the original or a translation.

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