Friday, September 26, 2014

Pieper, 1968, vol. 2 "Peculiarities of Christ's Human Nature"

Peculiarities of Christ’s Human Nature (Loc. 1675)

Though Jesus has a human nature as do we, there are several differences.

  1. “The human nature of Christ came into existence through the operation of the Holy Ghost” (Loc. 1675).
  2. Jesus’ human nature is sinless (Loc. 1695).
As Pieper discusses this concept using many Bible passages, he does make a detour to answer two related questions. Was Jesus free from Adam’s guilt? The Christ is separate from sinners. He does not have the universal guilt. This may be (Loc. 1728) because Jesus did not descend from Adam directly. His humnan nature has always been that of the Son of God.

Pieper also asks (Loc. 132) whether the Christ could sin. He could not, not because he was created sinless as was Adam, but because he is God.

An important consequence of Jesus’ sinlessness is immortality (Loc. 1752ff).

  1. Christ’s human nature is impersonal (Loc. 1786). There is no personality other than that of the Son of God involved in Christ. His complete union of natures was there from the start.

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