Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pieper, 1968, vol. 2 "The True Humanity of Christ"

The True Humanity of Christ (Loc. 1592)

Pieper begins by surveying historic errors in considering Christ’s humanity. He then concludes, “Scripture teaches clearly and plainly the true and perfect humanity of Christ (veritatem et integritatem humanae Christi naturae) (Loc. 1597). Pieper states (Loc. 1610) that denial of the humanity of Christ is due to rationalism which assures the union of divine and human to be impossible. He further suggests a link to Pelagianism which denies the need for a substitutionary atonement.

Scripture asserts a need for atonement by one who is perfect in his own right (divine) and like the ones for whom he substitutes (human). Pieper summarizes the history as follows: “The axiom of Gregory Nazianzen: τὸ ἀπρόσληπτον ἀθεράπευτον (what was not assumed was not redeemed [healed]} condemned any curtailment of the human nature of Christ. The Lutheran teachers took over this axiom…” (Loc. 1634).

Pieper closes this section with a biblical defense of Jesus’ identity as “Son of Man” being a claim to divine authority and human attributes.

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