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Pieper, 1968, vol. 2 Section B (beginning) "The Doctrine of Christ"

Section B - The Doctrine of Christ

Chapter B1 “The Importance of the Doctrine”

Without a coherent doctrine of Christ it is impossible to build a doctrine of salvation by grace through faith.

B2 Division of the Doctrine

The doctrine has normally been divided as follows (Loc. 1438):
A) The theanthropic person of Christ
B) the states of Christ
C) the office of Christ


Past critiques have focused on Lutheran apologists and their exhaustive work. Pieper responds (Loc. 1453) that the extensive writing was largely due to the critics’ objections to a traditional understanding of Christ.

Short Summary of the Doctrine

Luther (footnote 5, Loc. 2995) observed that prior to any creeds, the Church knew about the person and nature of Christ.
 divine and human
 unity of person
 communion of natures
 value of death of Christ
 possessing divine gifts
 retaining a human nature

 infinite is held in the finite

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