Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bible Reading Challenge Week 32 Day 2

Our reading challenge for the day is Psalms 101-106. I’ll hit a few highlights. You make comments too and fill in the gaps. What strikes you as specially significant?

Psalm 101 - God’s loving protection is on those who walk with him. Yet we must realize that we fail. We don’t walk in perfect integrity. We are not blameless. Only Jesus, God the Son, who places his perfect blamelessness upon us, is.

Psalm 102 - When we see our sin and our mortality we realize the Lord is the one in whom we can trust. All others are threatening but God has mercy on his people forever.

Psalm 103 - We are surely small and frail. But look at hte LORD and how great his love is. His love is greater than the greatest heights. He separates our sin from us in a limitless manner. This is true compassion.

Psalm 104 - In this Psalm all creation appears as God’s delightful play yard. He tends his garden and cares for all of it. His care is perfect and is a delight to him.

Psalm 105 - God’s greatness is shown in the way he rescues his people. Their deliverance may not always come immediately. Yet he always preserves his chosen people.

Psalm 106 - God’s love endures even through the flagrant sin of his people, who demand their own way and despise him. While we were yet sinners Jesus died for us to bring us to God.

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