Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bible Reading Challenge Week 32 Day 4

Our reading challenge for the day is Psalms 114-118. I’ll hit a few highlights. You make comments too and fill in the gaps. What strikes you as specially significant?

Psalm 114 - The earth responds to the Lord’s presence. But see that his presence is made known through his people. How does the world see the Lord today? Through his people assembled in the Church.

Psalm 115 - True praise belongs to the living God. Why do we trust in someone less, even often in something we have made? Rather trust in the true eternal and living God.

Psalm 116 - A commonly sung offertory consists of verses 12-14 and 17-19. When we make our offerings, though, we should remember that we offer our life along with our gifts. As he receives our very lives he gives us his eternal life.

Psalm 117 - Just two verses? All right. Here’s an assignment. Write your own Psalm of prayse. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or long.

Psalm 118 - When we are challenged we look to the Lord whose love endures forever. See the various places like vv. 22-23 where it looks like this Psalm is about Jesus. Yet we all are reminded to trust the Lord.

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