Friday, May 10, 2013

Sermon for 5/10/13 Funeral of Marian Harms

Sermon “No Longer Alone” John 12.23-26

Suffering, groaning, hope
These three seem to govern our lives, at least as we read in Romans 8.
Do we get stuck on the suffering and groaning? Where’s the hope?

Isaiah reminds us of God’s adoption
adoption – special challenges
not accepted by all the world
special struggles
special victories
makes a real family

In this real family in our sinful world we are in the process of laying down our lives, in small ways and in large ways.
allowing others to serve

Sometimes we get so busy laying down our lives we forget Jesus’ words. We don’t get beyond the suffering and groaning.

What did Jesus say?
Lay down life
Bear much fruit
Keep your life eternally

Friends and family live and die, they come into our lives, they change us, and they eventually move on, as will all of us. But as these grains of wheat fall into the ground and lay down their lives they bear much fruit. It’s eternal fruit. And we rejoice in those, like Marian, like all her family here, who lay down their lives for one another.

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