Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summertime Reading?

I confess that I don't understand the concept of picking extra books for summertime reading. Just because sunrise is earlier and sunset is later doesn't mean I have more time to read. If anything, quite the opposite. Compare the amount of time I spend shoveling snow (a winter activity) to the amount of time spent weeding the garden, picking and preserving foods (a summer activity) and it seems time should be shorter in the summer.

I used to read really fast. I mean really, really fast. I wasn't convinced that I retained information very well, but I could whip through a book in very short order. Nowadays I've noticed I tend to read slowly, only a little faster than I read aloud. My mind tends to wander and I question whether my retention is that good.

To try fixing this I'm going to try doing some reading and writing summaries of what I read. Maybe posting it on my blog will help me feel somehow accountable. And maybe I can push myself to read faster, retain information long enough to write something about it, and get it posted. Some retention of more reading might be better than some retention of less reading.

I'll open a book with a bibliographic reference and will tag the post. Future chapters will not have the complete bibliographic reference but will have the same tag, so it should be possible to put the whole book together.

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