Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sermon for 5/26/13 Acts 2:22-36

Sermon “Unshaken” (Acts 2:22-36)

Port of Huntington, very busy place, lots of barges of coal going down the Ohio River.
Peculiar type of tough people, guiding those barges.
don’t know the parallel in corn country, but you do
Series of pictures – another day on the river
headed downstream, can’t stop with a mile or more of warning
drawbridge doesn’t open
release barges, backwater as fast as possible
hit bridge, tow boat rolls onto side
force of blow turns tow boat upside down as passing under bridge
ballast rights tow boat other side of bridge
engines restart, pumps flinging water out of every open hatch
hurry downstream to catch up with barges
just another day on the river
Are you shaken when something goes wrong? Likely so, and all right.
How to apply a Psalm like Psalm 16, expressing trust?
not about us
about Jesus, the one whose life we live
Where’s confidence? Not in us, in Jesus’ security in the Father’s love.
Today, Trinity Sunday, we remember God, one God, in three persons.
one God
no shadow of change
no decay
no degeneration
no reason for fear
always perfectly secure
This is the God who has adopted you and me as we trust in Jesus.
This is the unshakeable God.
This is the Lord who never fails, who never falters, who never drowns in the river, who never is overwhelmed in a grain elevator accident, whose victory over death is complete, who shares his glory with us, those he has adopted as sons.

What does our life do? Has life thrown a closed drawbridge at you? Has life thrown accusations at you? Maybe you’ve been shaken. Maybe you’ve been knocked down. Maybe you have even despaired of forgiveness, life, and salvation. What hope do you have?

There is one God, only one God. He is in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And he has managed all your needs. He has felt all your grief. He has endured the weakness that belongs to you so he can give you his strength. He has endured all the hatred of this world, all the accusations of the Devil, so as to rescue you and present you safely to himself.

Who is it that can shake you? You belong to Jesus. As he is unshakable, so are you, by faith in his name.

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