Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sermon for 7/28/13 Colossians 2

Discipleship - walking along with Jesus - what we need.
How are we doing? How are the Colossians doing?
 called out of the world
 rooted in Christ
 gathered in thanksgiving
Seems it should go well. But . . .
warning - danger zone - look out!

Jesus, not a philosophy
Jesus, not a theory
Jesus, not some sort of empty idea that slips away
But what do we depend upon?
 Heard a local pastor say the church is here to serve families - wrong, that’s a by-product
 Have heard many say the church is a social organization - wrong
 We think we have a good philosophy of religion
 Are we being dangerous by having “worldview through song lyrics” meeting?
    No, because we will see the futility of all pursuits outside of Christ crucified for you and me, sinners.
We don’t depend on human tradition
 What’s up with church tradition then? It all points uniformly toward Jesus. Human tradition points to us. Very different directions.
But we depend on our upbringing
 our intuition
 “Trust the Force, Luke!”
 trust our reason
  trust our street smarts
  trust our diligence, our friends, our college degree, our government

We turn to everything except Jesus. We don’t walk in Christ. We pursue our own interests.
against our teaching
petty, spiteful, impatient, easily angered, distrustful
That’s where our sinful nature pulls us.
That’s the record that we have.
 haters of God
 in love with our own glory
 dead in trespasses and uncircumcision - natural state

What will you do? What will you do?

Nothing. Flee? Despair? Give up? Lash out? Nothing we can do.

What’s the good news?
Nothing we can do - Jesus has done it.
 God made alive with Jesus - we have a friend in the resurrection business
 He buried us in baptism - the power of God to wash us clean from sin, to put the old man to death
 He raised us to newness of life
 He filled us with his spirit
 He circumcised us, cut off the deadness - it hurts
 He took our place in death and led us in life
 He took that record of evil that we had and nailed it to the cross
    How? In his flesh
    He didn’t just declare us not guilty. He became sin for us. He died for us.

What’s the result?
 disarmed this world
 triumphed over this world

Walk in Christ Jesus! Restored, forgiven, built up, established, giving thanks. Lay down the enmity. Lay down the desires to run things ourselves. Lay down the burdens. Be conformed into his image, as you remain his baptized child.

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