Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sermon for 8/4/13 Luke 12

 Sermon: Where’s the Treasure?

Many kinds of treasure in this world
 business success
 family traditions
Are these idols? Are they false gods? What is a god?
 that which you will sin to get
 that which you will sin if you don’t get
What is our treasure?
 false god?
 true God?
What’s our attitude toward those other treasures?
 very important
 not indispensable
 under God’s sovereign design
 given by God’s gracious hand
 used for His purposes
What passes away then?
 Colossians 3 passage - anger, malice, wrath, obscene talk, slander
 Can we put them away? I guarantee you that when you try to stop being angry you will find more people than ever to provoke anger.
How are these things put away?
 new creation in Christ
 bought back from the kingdom of Satan, the kingdom of death
 translated into Christ’s kingdom
 more than conquerors
 God’s perfect love poured out upon us
 washed in grace
 presented in the image of Jesus
 partakers of his nature - 1 Corinthians 10 - true communion
Seek treasure! Seek true, pure, heavenly treasure! This is what our Savior has given us.

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