Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sermon for 8/11/13 Luke 12

What do we want? What do we care about?
what we will wear
Where will these things get us? What will our concern, our anxiety, gain us?
longer life?
Some manuscripts – greater height?
What does our Lord say about them?
These are small things. They are insignificant.
Seemed pretty significant to me at times!!
What do we treasure? Is that even the right question?
It is, at times.
circle of concern vs. circle of responsibility
What is Jesus' concern in this?
It is the Father's good pleasure to give us - - - the kingdom!
What will we lack?
What will we need?
What of consequence can be taken away from us?
He has purchased us to his life of forgiveness, hope, eternal life.
We are always protected by Jesus' blood and righteousness.
There is no need for fear. Our heavenly Father knows what we need. And he will provide it.

Where's our treasure? What's the Father's pleasure?
No fear
No shame
No guilt
No condemnation
Only the riches of God in Christ.

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